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Black Cat’s Spiritual Meaning In China: Why They Love It?

Hello, dear readers! Ever wondered why the mysterious black cat, often considered a sign of misfortune or a Halloween mascot in the West, is a big star in China? Well, stick around. We’re about to decode the black cat’s meaning in Chinese culture.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Black in China

In Chinese culture, colors aren’t just a part of the rainbow; they’re the building blocks of meaning and symbolism. Color black, or 玄 xuán, is one such block that stands tall and firm. While the West might see black as the ominous cloud in the sky, in China, it’s more like the steadfast mountain, symbolizing all things upright and just.

Remember Bao Zheng, the hero from Peking opera who rocks a black face? In essence, when you say “black” in China, it’s akin to a superhero’s cape or a judge’s robe—symbolizing righteousness and justice.

Bao Zheng in Peking Opera
Bao Zheng in Peking Opera

In Chinese philosophy, Black is also associated with the Water element, one of the five essential elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Water signifies wisdom, flexibility, and dynamism. It’s the energy that flows, adapts, and yet possesses the power to carve its path. It’s like the wise old sage that quietly impacts its surroundings—much like our feline friends who roam around our houses, profoundly impacting our lives.

Black Tortoise, one of the four guardian beasts in Chinese legend. It is the God of the North and is capable of controlling water.
Black Tortoise, one of the four guardian beasts in Chinese legend. It is the God of the North and is capable of controlling water.

The Spiritual Significance of Cats in China

Cats in China are more than just fluffy balls of fur. They’re symbols of prosperity, joy, and longevity. They’re the silent warriors, keeping homes safe from rodents, and by extension, diseases. This efficiency has earned them a place of honor as symbols of bounty and prosperity.

In ancient China, cats were considered sacred animals that could ward off evil spirits and disasters. Their long lifespans further augmented their spiritual significance, making them symbols of longevity and good luck. This reverence for cats made them one of the most beloved pets in traditional Chinese culture. Folk beliefs like “猫有五福 a cat brings five fortunes” or “猫入福地 a wandering cat entering a house brings good luck” are still prevalent, testifying to the deep-rooted cultural significance of cats.

The Black Cat: A Symbol of Righteousness and Good Fortune

When you combine the color black’s symbolism with the cultural reverence for cats, you get the beloved black cat, a beacon of righteousness and good luck in China. When it comes to black cats’ cultural significance and symbolism, their presence in art and popular culture is a testament to their respected status.

Black Cats in Art: "Black Cat under Banana Tree"

Black Cat under Banana Tree, by Xu Beihong
Black Cat under Banana Tree, by Xu Beihong

Xu Beihong, one of the most prominent painters of modern China, recognized the black cat’s symbolic significance and featured it in his 1937 masterpiece, “Black Cat under Banana Tree.” Currently housed in the China Art Museum, this piece is an excellent example of how the black cat’s symbolism transcends everyday life and manifests in fine arts.

In the painting, the black cat’s sharp gaze and poised stance reflect its readiness to pounce at any moment. It visually represents the beloved black cat’s cuteness and agility.

Black Cats in Popular Culture: "Black Cat Detective"

The cultural significance of black cats is not confined to the canvas. It has also made its mark in animation. The classic Chinese animated series “Black Cat Detective” has a black cat as the protagonist. The series beautifully encapsulates how black cats are seen in China—as symbols of justice and protection.

In the series, the black cat sheriff fearlessly takes on villains, always ready to restore peace and order. It’s a testament to the cultural perception of black cats as guardians and symbols of righteousness.

Black Cats in Politics: "White Cat, Black Cat" Speech

Even in the political sphere, the symbolism of black cats found resonance. Deng Xiaoping, a prominent Chinese leader, famously said, “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.” This statement was a metaphor emphasizing the importance of practical results over ideological purity, also a famous analogy of the relationship between Chinese traditions and Western philosophy.

While not directly praising black cats, Deng’s speech inadvertently underscored the cultural perception of black cats as effective problem solvers. This quote has earned black cats a place of honor in Chinese culture.

Final Words

In the Chinese universe, black cats are the real MVPs. They’re not just your average house pets, but symbols of all things good: righteousness, protection, and prosperity. From canvas to TV screens, from homes to political speeches, they’re everywhere, stealing the limelight.

So, the next time a black cat crosses your path, don’t run for the hills. Instead, give it a nod of respect because, hey, it’s not a bad omen, it’s a prosperity magnet! Through the Chinese lens, you’re actually looking at a powerful guardian against evil!

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Some Things Besides The Article:

Now, on a serious note. Recently, reports of a horrible cat abuser @杰克辣条 in China have been circulating on the internet. As a person of Chinese descent, I feel the need to emphasize this: not every person in China is such a demon. Cats, no matter their color, are our friends, companions, and family. That crazy pervert definitely deserves strict punishments, but let’s not let this dreadful news become another reason for discrimination.

Instead, let’s use our voices to stand up against such cruelties and promote love and respect for all creatures, big and small. Because in the end, whether it’s a black cat, a white cat, or a rainbow-colored cat, they all deserve love, kindness, and a safe home.

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May 16th, 2023

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