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Mori Kei Fashion: Art Kisses Nature In Old Trends (PDF Included)

Are you tired of the same old fashion trends that seem to come and go faster than the seasons? Do you crave something more natural, more serene, and more rooted in the beauty of the world around us? Then it’s time to go back to the enchanting world of Mori Kei.

Mori Kei fashion, also known as ‘forest girl’ fashion, is all about reconnecting with nature and expressing yourself through loose clothes and natural textures. With its flowing silhouettes, this Japanese fashion winded through the universe of art and fashion.

Feature What is Mori Kei Fashion

What is Mori Kei?

Photo of Mori Girl 3The name “Mori Kei” came from the Japanese words “mori” meaning “forest,” and “kei” meaning “style.” Mori girls, also called “forest girls,” were a bunch of people embracing the beauty of the natural world through fashion and art.

Mori Kei fashion featured a relaxed look related to nature. It was super trendy in Japan between 2005 and 2012. The clothes were often loose-fitting and made from natural materials like cotton, wool, and linen. Colors tended to be muted and earthy, mostly on browns, greens, and greys.

Beyond fashion, Mori Kei also influenced the art world. From delicate floral arrangements to handcrafted pottery, Mori Kei captured the essence of the forest. Natural materials like wood, stone, and clay were common to see in the stunning works inspired by Mori Kei.

In Japan, Mori Kei was a cultural movement that emphasized a connection to nature and the importance of living in harmony with our environment.

Mori Kei Magazines

If you’re a fan trying to research the old Mori Kei fashion, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are several magazines devoted to this unique style. These magazines have offered a wealth of information and inspiration, from fashion advice to hair and makeup tutorials!

Choco's Fashion Book

Choco’s Fashion Book is a popular Japanese fashion magazine first published in 2006. This magazine was created by a girl named Choco (also known as Coco), one of the founders of the Mori Kei style.

It offers fashion tips, lifestyle advice, and even DIY projects for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the Mori Girl aesthetic.


Naturela magazine (official website link) is a pioneering clothing book for adult naturalists, established around 2007.

Published twice a year by Housewives’ Community, the magazine features adult natural dressing and introduces fashionable people on the street from the perspective of “miscellaneous goods lovers.” Since its establishment, Naturela has maintained its concept of “life-suitable” fashion and consistently introduces the latest natural fashion information.

Mori Kei Clothing Combination Ideas in Naturela 1
Mori Kei Clothing Combination Ideas in Naturela 2
Mori Kei Clothing Combination Ideas in Naturela 3

Combination Ideas of Mori Kei Clothing in Naturela

Mori Girl (森ガール) Papier

Mori Girl Papier was a popular magazine among fans of Mori Kei fashion. Its name, “Papier,” means “paper” in French, indicating its focus on featuring content that is light, airy, and delicate. The magazine was only issued from 2009 to 2012. It packed everything Mori Girls loved: fashion, lifestyle tips, snapshots, and surveys.

The magazine was a treasure trove of inspiration for fans of the Mori Kei style, featuring beautiful photography, DIY ideas, and interviews with popular Mori Girl influencers.

Front Cover of Mori Girl Papier Vol1, 2009
Mori Girl Papier Vol. 1, 2009
Front Cover of Mori Girl Papier Vol3, 2010
Mori Girl Papier Vol. 3, 2010
Front Cover of Mori Girl Papier Vol10, 2012
Mori Girl Papier Vol. 10, 2012

Mori Kei Fashion Brands

If you’re looking to embody the spirit of a forest girl, then you gotta know where to buy Mori Kei clothing.

Since Mori Girl fashion is quite unique, you can’t just go for any brand. You need to look for the ones that live and breathe this style.

Samansa Mos2

Screenshot of Samansa Mos2
Screenshot of Samansa Mos2, Resource:

The first Mori Kei fashion brand is Samansa Mos2. The brand proposes “fun, gentleness, and comfort” and has a lineup of comfortable fashion items that make you feel natural and warm.

It is a fashion brand that is extremely popular with forest girls. However, we didn’t find the English version of their official website. If you can handle the Japanese, SM2 is flawless.

Axes Femme

Screenshot of Axes Femme
Screenshot of Axes Femme, Resource:

Axes Femme is a well-known women’s clothing brand in Japan, and its name derives from the French words “axes” meaning “axis,” and “femme” meaning “woman.” The brand is aimed at cute, stylish adult women who appreciate vintage, feminine, and nostalgic styles with a touch of luxury in the details.

The brand has collaborated with numerous fashion magazines in Japan, including “spring,” “steady,” “mina,” and has been at the forefront of women’s fashion trends. Additionally, they have an English global shop online.


Screenshot of 45R
Screenshot of 45R, Resource:

45R is a Japanese fashion brand founded in 1978, known for its dedication to preserving the beauty of nostalgia and exquisite craftsmanship. In Japan, it’s customary for parents to pass down beautiful items like kimonos to their children, and similarly, each 45R garment has a rare, vintage feel to it from the first wear.

The brand’s appeal extends beyond Japan. It has established a global presence with stores in major cities like New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. In 2012, 45R opened its first concept store with a forest theme in Beijing, capturing the essence of nature.


Screenshot of NOjeans
Screenshot of NO!Jeans, Resource:

NO!Jeans only offers vibrant and playful sweater and hat designs. This brand prides itself on being born in the ’80s and has been revived for sophisticated natural lovers.

Every detail of their designs is carefully crafted, from custom buttons and patchwork to high-quality embroidering. And let’s not forget their iconic NO! lapel pin, which adds an extra touch of personality to every outfit.

Why Mori Kei Fashion Disappears?

Photo of Mori Girl 4In recent years, the Mori Kei clothing trend has lost some popularity. Why? You may ask.

One factor that contributed to the decline of Mori Kei fashion is the rapid changes in Japanese society. Japan is known for its fast-paced lifestyle and love for the latest trends. Thus, Mori Kei’s slow vibe may not appeal to the younger generation as much as it did before. In addition, modern social media trends move faster than a cheetah on a skateboard, so people will get tired of seeing the same old thing on their feeds.

Moreover, the Mori Kei trend emerged during an economic recession in Japan. Its popularity may have been linked to the desire to return to a simpler, more traditional way of life. However, with the Japanese economy recovering, the appeal of this anti-consumerist fashion style may have waned.

Another reason could be the fashion industry’s tendency to churn out new trends constantly. And let’s be honest: Mori Kei is not the easiest trend to pull off. Creating a cohesive Mori outfit takes a certain level of fashion taste and creativity. Not everyone has the time or energy for that. So, Mori Kei fashion is not competitive in the fickle fashion world.

Plus, as the world became more politically charged, dressing like a fairy in the woods might seem a little frivolous to some.

Despite the decrease in popularity, Mori Kei fashion still has devoted followers who continue to incorporate its aesthetics into their wardrobes. It will always hold a special place in our hearts (and on our Pinterest boards). Who knows? Maybe one day, it will return, and we’ll all be frolicking in the forest once again.

Final Words

Well, we’ve reached the end of our journey. I hope you’re feeling inspired to embrace your inner woodland fairy and frolic through fields of daisies in Mori Kei clothing.

And if you’re looking for more Mori Kei inspiration, check out some of the amazing magazines and fashion brands out there. You may even become the next big Mori Kei influencer!

But let’s not forget why Mori Kei fashion has slowly disappeared from the mainstream. As we’ve discussed, societal changes and shifting fashion trends have played a major role. But fear not, my woodland friends, because the beauty and essence of Mori Kei will always remain, even if it’s not in the spotlight.

Thank you for joining me on this whimsical journey, and don’t forget to bloom where you’re planted!

If you want to know more about Japanese fashion, welcome to our posts about Ouji fashion and Kogal fashion. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas about fashion ~ We are always here to exchange brilliant thoughts!

Have a good day

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