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Love in Style: Valentine’s Day Dress for Men

The upcoming Valentine’s Day adds a touch of ceremony to the time spent with your loved one. Although we often show our relaxed side to those closest to us, it’s still important to prepare a handsome Valentine’s day dress for men on this crazy romantic day. Especially for those on a first date, a well-groomed appearance can leave a lasting impression and increase the chances of a second date.

This article is for men who want to enhance their outfits. We’ll offer Valentine’s Day dress suggestions from a female perspective to help you elevate the style game about love.

Feature Valentine's Day Dress for Men

Before Clothing

Before selecting your Valentine’s day dress, make sure you’ve groomed and freshened up. A well-kempt appearance will show your lover how much you value this date. Here are some small details to keep in mind:

Avoid Being Sweaty

quick shower If you’ve been working out or sweating a lot, take a quick shower or use antiperspirant before your date. Overwhelming body odor may cast a shadow on this romantic night.

Trim Your Beard

shave beard Wild, unkempt beards can give off a messy impression. Before your date, make sure to give your beard a good tidy-up.

Style Your Hair

style hair A sleek, well-groomed hairstyle will show your partner that you took the time to prepare for today’s date. Avoid just rolling out of bed with bedhead.

Tame Your Nose Hairs

remove nose hair Overgrown nostril hairs are not a good look for anyone. Make sure to trim any rogue nose hairs before your date.

Valentine's Day Dress Styles For Men

After preparation, it is time to choose a style for Valentine’s day dress for men! There are two fundamental principles to keep in mind. Firstly, no matter what you dress up, you should feel comfortable and confident in them. Secondly, the proper suit style depends on the occasion of your date. For instance, a smart blazer or formal suit is the best choice for a high-end venue, while a relaxed style is appropriate for outdoor or leisure events. Besides, try to avoid a too-sporty look if your lover has taken the time to do delicate makeup.

Minimalist Style

valentine's day dress for men - minimalist A minimalist style is an excellent Valentine’s day dress option for men who are not very concerned with fashion trends. It is versatile and exudes a clean and tidy look. The colors black, white, gray, brown, and khaki are particularly great to give a reliable vibe. For the upper body, we recommend solid-colored or simple patterned sweaters. Avoid overly elaborate sweaters because they may disrupt the overall coordination of the outfit. To add some layers, you can wear a shirt underneath the sweater. Additionally, ensure the sweater fits well rather than be tight-fitting, leaving some space between the sweater and your body to keep the casual style. For the lower body, men can opt for dark straight trousers/jeans and pair them with a pair of sneakers or loafers. If you are not confident with your legs’ muscles, you can also choose a little wider pants to make your legs look straighter and stronger. Be careful: the pants should not be too boxy. Otherwise, they will fatten your legs visually.

Classic Vintage Style

valentine's day dress for men - classic vintageIf you want to try a classic vintage style on Valentine’s day, a versatile leather jacket is indispensable. It is not only a fashion item but also a warm layering piece in winter and spring. Matching different layers can give a rich sense of fashion and easily adapt to indoor and outdoor temperature changes. Besides, classic vintage elements such as round hats and leather shoes are also attractive fashion accessories for your Valentine’s day dress.

In terms of bottom wear, you can pair jackets with jeans and other casual pants. Wearing a pair of ankle boots will also bring a classic and modern touch.

Casual Business Style

valentine's day dress for men - casual businessUnleash your fashionista side after work hours! Transform from a serious business person to a stylish man with a few tweaks.

If you have a business meeting on Valentine’s day and no time to change, simply shed your suit jacket and undo a few shirt buttons to create a V-neck. This style will reshape your face outlines and make the whole outfit sexier. Just be careful not to undo all the buttons unless you’re on a beach. Over-exposure may turn off your date faster than you thought.

If the dress code isn’t strictly required in your office, swap your pants for a tapered chino and slip into loafers or sneakers. You can also accessorize with Italian leather wristbands for a dapper touch. With these accessories, consider taking off your suit jacket and rolling up your sleeves to exude confidence and highlight your arm muscles.

Hip Hop Style

valentine's day dress for men - hip hop Musical guys always have a charming edge. That’s why hip-hop singers attract so many fans. If you are a hip-hop lover trying to show your interest through your Valentine’s day dress, this style is what you are looking for! Hip-hop music is always full of positive energy and youthful spirit. Likewise, the hip-hop dress style is also loose and cool, making it a favorite for many trendy guys. Hip-hop top shirts are often bold in design and have strong color contrasts. You can elevate the style to the next level by pairing the top with a jacket or zipped hoodie. Down-bottom, you can dress like a street dancer by pairing loose jeans or cargo pants with bright sneakers. In terms of accessories, baseball caps, sunglasses, and necklaces all match well with the hip-hop style of dress, making the wearer a head-turner on the streets.

Final Suggestions For Men's Valentine's Day Dress

valentine's day suggestions

  1. The recommended styles above are all relatively basic clothing you can buy online or in an ordinary clothing store.
  2. Suppose you need to wear a suit a lot. In that case, we suggest you have one or two custom-made suits, because the difference between a well-fitted and an ill-fitted suit is really remarkable.
  3. About color matching: Generally, the whole body should not exceed three colors. If you want to give a stable impression on the first date, black, white, gray, brown, dark blue, and khaki are safer choices.
  4. Make sure your pants fit you well. Each pants style is different, and even if the size is correct, it is still better to try it on.

Eventually, a perfect Valentine’s day dress can give you a better first impression and a smoother start. However, it is not the decisive factor. Whether you can go on with a girl/guy depends on whether your personalities match and whether you can bring more fun and positive energy to each other’s life. These are not determined by appearance.

So, guys, if this is your first or second date, do not fret. Be a better yourself, and you will definitely have a better chance of finding your soul mate.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Happy Valentine's day

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