Color Wheel Spinner

Welcome to our Color Wheel Spinner! Check the beauty of randomness and let the snowman’s nose point to the color of the day!


How Many Colors on the Wheel?

There are 360 colors on the wheel in total. Each tiny slice of one degree gets a unique color. The colors are determined by the “HSL” code which stands for Hue, Saturation, and Lightness. Here, ‘Hue’ changes with each slice, giving us a smooth transition through the entire spectrum of colors.

What is the Code or Number on the Result Color?

Well, we offered the hex code of your selected color so that you can perfectly copy this color in any design. A hex code combines six characters, often used to represent colors in web design and digital graphics. For example, the hex code #FFFFFF represents white. It’s broken down into three parts: two characters for red, two for green, and two for blue. Each pair can range from 00 to FF, allowing for over 16 million color combinations.

Can I Share this Spinner?

Yes, of course! We encourage you to share the joy of our Color Wheel Spinner with friends, family, or anyone who loves a splash of color in their day. It’s simple to share. Just click the ‘Share’ button located near the spinner. Imagine brightening someone’s day with a random color surprise!

How We Made the Color Wheel Spinner?

Well, we used the HTML5 Canvas element to create this color wheel.

For each degree in this circle, our function calculates the start and end angles in radians – a necessary step since the canvas arc function uses radians instead of degrees. Then, these angles are used to draw small segments of the wheel, each corresponding to a specific hue of HSL colors.

When you click the “spin” button, the wheel spins for a random amount of time. Then, after the wheel stops spinning, we calculate the final angle of the wheel compared with its initial angle. We use this result to find which color lands in front of the snowman’s carrot nose.

Finally, we display your selected color just below the “spin” button by converting HSL to Hex code.

And that’s how this cute color wheel spinner was born!

Have a good day

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