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Jirai Kei Fashion: The Explosive Delicacy Of Japan’s Hidden Trend

Jirai Kei is an unconventional Japanese fashion trend that’s steadily gaining attention. This unique style embodies a sense of fragility. With sophisticated makeup techniques and matching skills, Jirai Kei girls subtly outline the appearance that just experienced an emotional rollercoaster.

Curious about this alluring yet somewhat enigmatic fashion statement? Read on to explore the hidden world of Jirai Kei fashion and its controversial appeal!

Feature Jirai Kei Fashion

What is Jirai Kei Fashion?

Sign of LandmineJirai Kei fashion is a fascinating style from 2020 that blends vulnerability and intensity. The term “Jirai Kei” (地雷系/じらいけい) is inspired by the notion of a “landmine personality” – someone who appears normal on the surface but, upon closer interaction, reveals unexpected quirks that can feel like stepping on a landmine.

In the world of Jirai Kei, makeup and fashion work together to balance between normal appearance and hidden edginess. This captivating style features pale, almost ghostly complexions that give off a mysterious vibe.

Personalities & Appearance


Hidden Personalities

Obedient to your requests

Strong desire for love

Takes care of everything

Intense need for control

Gentle and dependent




Lacking confidence


Jirai Kei Makeup Techniques


Makeup Techniques

Pale skin, as if indoors for a long or from illness

Use a large amount of foundation and concealer

Eyes appearing teary, red-rimmed

Red eyeshadow to create swollen, tearful eyes

Large under-eye bags as a babyface feature

Exaggerated eyeliner for a droopy eye effect

Blush resembling sickness or post-crying

Large-area eyeshadow extending downward

Alluring lipstick in contrast with pale skin for an unnatural shade

Dark red lip color

Wearing a wide, dark-colored mask, usually black

Use a large mask to highlight delicate facial features and flatter the small face

An Example of Jirai Kei makup

Iconic Symbols of Jirai Kei

Jirai Kei fashion finds its representation in iconic Sanrio characters My Melody and Kuromi. My Melody stands for the cute, fairy appearance of Jirai Kei, while Kuromi represents the hidden dark side.

If you let a Jirai Kei follower choose hangout spots in Japan, Universal Studios or Disneyland must be under the Sanrio Puroland. This theme park in Tokyo is a colorful paradise for My Melody and Kuromi enthusiasts.

Kuromi (left) and My Melody (right)
Kuromi (left) and My Melody (right)
Pink MCM bag
Pink MCM bag

For accessories, Jirai Kei fashionistas often rock pastel pink MCM backpacks. If you take a stroll through the bustling streets of Shinjuku, you might notice that 90% of people carrying these eye-catching bags are embracing the Jirai Kei style.

In addition, Jirai Kei fans like to use the emoji “ぴえん” (pleading face🥺) in daily conversations. This cute begging face is often used with the sign “!”.

Jirai Kei Fashion Clothes

The Jirai Kei clothing style blends playful and gothic elements to create a dark and eye-catching look. Here’s a breakdown of a typical Jirai Kei outfit:

Upper body:

  • Light-colored shirts paired with dark short skirts, sometimes featuring shoulder straps
  • Dark gothic dresses that sit above the knee


  • Large bow ties add a touch of whimsy
  • Metal accessories such as crosses

Lower body:

  • Mismatched or contrasting lengths of fishnet stockings
  • Chunky, thick-soled black shoes complete the look

Some Examples of Jirai Kei Clothing

With its fusion of gothic styles and fairy accessories, Jirai Kei is perfect for those girls who want to make a contrasting fashion sense.

Famous Examples

While Jirai Kei fashion is a niche style, many Japanese fashion icons and anime characters have embodied its essence. Let’s dive into a few notable examples:


Nao, a Japanese actress born in Fukuoka in 1995, has been passionate about acting since childhood. Discovered by a talent scout during high school, she entered a modeling agency and officially debuted as an actress in 2013.

Nao’s performance in the 2019 mystery thriller drama “Your Turn to Kill” (あなたの番です) garnered significant attention. She played a quirky and bizarre Jirai Kei character of “Mikiha Ono,” who persistently pursued men, especially those with girlfriends. Nao’s portrayal of this creepy stalker struck a chord with viewers, making her popular in Jirai Kei fashion.

Mikiha Ono in Your Turn to Kill (あなたの番です)
Mikiha Ono in “Your Turn to Kill” (あなたの番です)

Rika Nakagawa

Rika Nakagawa is a captivating Japanese actress whose petite frame and innocent face can evoke a strong protective instinct in her fans.

She gained fame for her role in the 2020 TV drama “The Truth of L Reika.” Rika’s character, a high school student named Reika, appears angelic but hides a dark, explosive personality. She goes to great lengths to fulfill the desires of her crush, including sabotaging rivals and manipulating others. This unique blend of charm and cunning has endeared Rika to countless viewers and made her a Jirai Kei fashion icon.

Rika Nakagawa on the poster of -The Truth of L Reika
Rika Nakagawa on the poster of “The Truth of L Reika”

Sonozaki Shion in "Higurashi When They Cry"

Sonozaki Shion is a prominent character in the thrilling Japanese anime and visual novel series “Higurashi When They Cry.” She is one of the most intriguing anime characters of Jirai Kei fashion.

Shion’s style in Higurashi perfectly represents Jirai Kei fashion, blending innocence with darkness. Initially portrayed as the gentler, kinder twin, Shion’s personality turns dark as she becomes consumed by her love for Satoshi and her desire for revenge against her family.

Her unpredictable behavior, coupled with her captivating fashion sense, make Sonozaki Shion an attractive Jirai Kei figure.

Sonozaki Shion and her twin sister in Higurashi When They Cry
Sonozaki Shion and her twin sister in “Higurashi When They Cry”

Why has this unique style become such a hit? There are mainly four factors contributing to Jirai Kei’s widespread appeal.

1. A Silver Lining in the Pandemic Era

The global pandemic has brought some depressed feelings and forced people to adapt in many ways, including how they express themselves. With more time spent indoors and online, folks have been seeking new ways to make a statement, and Jirai Kei fashion has offered a fresh look for those eager to stand out and vent their negative emotions.

2. Rebellion Against Societal Expectations

Japanese society is known for its rigid expectations and norms. Embracing Jirai Kei fashion is an act of rebellion. By adopting this daring and unapologetic style, individuals can challenge societal conventions, assert their individuality, and break free from the pressure to conform.

3. The Social Media Boom

Jirai Kei’s rise in popularity can be traced back to its widespread adoption on Japanese social media sites in 2020. As more people showcased their unique Jirai Kei-inspired looks online, the trend quickly caught on, and the rest is fashion history.

4. A Blend of Gothic and Feminine Elements

Jirai Kei fashion combines the best of both worlds: dark, gothic vibes and a dash of feminine flair. Young Jirai Kei girls are trying to become a queen with authority and abilities to control things in their lives. Under the pink bag and gothic dress, the core of this fashion is girls’ strong desires to become powerful women.

While it’s fun to experiment with Jirai Kei’s makeup and fashion, it’s essential to avoid adopting the negative mindset that can sometimes accompany the style. As with any trend, it’s crucial to “take the good and leave the bad.”


Our exploration of Jirai Kei fashion has covered its defining characteristics, makeup techniques, iconic symbols, and clothing styles. In the final part, we’ve also delved into the reasons behind its popularity.

As a new trendy fashion, Jirai Kei has captured much attention due to its distinctive style, which combines dark and innocent elements. It’s essential to approach Jirai Kei with an open mind and clearly understand its context. By doing so, we can appreciate creativity and individuality while remaining mindful of the broader cultural implications.

If you want to know more about Japanese fashion trends, welcome to our Japanese fashion channel! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas about fashion ~ We are always here to exchange brilliant thoughts!

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