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How to Pick Out a Fantastic Homecoming Dress

Homecoming season is upon us! If you are worried about your homecoming dress, look no further! Choosing the right dress can be daunting, with many different styles, colors, and sizes to decide. It’s important to find a dress that reflects your personal style, fits well, and adheres to the event’s theme (if applicable) … There’s a lot to consider! But don’t worry. We’re here to help you to make the process a little easier.

In this article, we’ll offer some tips and tricks for finding the perfect homecoming dress. We’ll try our best to help you feel confident and comfortable at the big event. So let’s get started!

How to pick a homecoming dress

Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style is essential in choosing the perfect homecoming dress. You may want to pick a dress that reflects who you are and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Here are some suggestions that may inspire you:

  • Look at your closet: Look at your clothes and see what styles and colors you tend to have. Do you have a lot of casual, laid-back pieces? Or are you more of a formal, elegant dresser? Otherwise, do you prefer bold, vibrant colors in your wardrobe? Browsing the clothes you bought can give you a good idea of your personal style.
  • Think about your lifestyle: Consider your daily life and try to reflect it on your outfits. You might prefer casual, comfortable clothes if you lead a more active, outdoor lifestyle. Apart from that, if you have a more formal, professional job, you might feel more at home in tailored, sophisticated pieces.
  • Look to your role models: Do you have any admired celebrities or fashion icons? Pay attention to what they wear and how they put their outfits together. You can “borrow” their fashion tastes on your style.
  • Trust your gut: Ultimately, your personal style is about what makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you particularly love a specific style or color, go for it! Don’t worry about what other people might think. Just wear what makes you feel good.

Some examples of styles for women’s homecoming dresses


Women style homecoming dress-Classic

This style brings a timeless look that never makes mistakes. It includes dresses with clean lines, simple shapes, and neutral colors. Examples of classic styles consist of a black or a simple A-line dress. On the other side, classic dresses may not have a lot of extra embellishments. So make sure to add your personal tastes to the whole look.


Women style homecoming dress-Romantic

Romantic style is dreamy and feminine. It will make you feel like a little princess. Details like lace and floral patterns are the main properties of this style. To build a romantic style, you can select a lace-decorated dress or a flowy, chiffon dress with ruffled sleeves. The only thing that needs to be cautious is that this style’s delicate fabrics may be prone to wrinkling.


Women style homecoming dress-Glamorous

Eye-catching elements featured a glamorous style. This style is perfect for those who like standing out and making an impact. It includes dresses with sequins, glitter, and other sparkling details. A sequin-covered mermaid dress or glittery gown is excellent for a glamorous style. Just be careful. This style may be a bit much if you are to attend a casual homecoming dance.


Women style homecoming dress-Elegant

This style radiates luxury and confidence. It focuses on tailored, sophisticated pieces. You can choose a formal, floor-length gown or a simple yet chic sheath dress for an elegant look. However, this style has similar disadvantages to the glamorous type. It may not be suitable for a casual event.

Nonetheless, these are just a few examples of homecoming dress styles. Your personal style is all depending on yourself. You are the boss of your wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to mix different styles or create a new type!

Some examples of styles for men’s homecoming dresses


Men style homecoming dress-Classic

Classic style is the most common style that never makes mistakes, characterized by clean lines and simple shapes. It includes suits and tuxedos with neutral colors. You can choose a black tuxedo or a grey suit to create a classic look. However, the classic style may lack additional decorations. Therefore, adding some personal taste will enhance the whole look.


Men style homecoming dress-Modern

This style is contemporary and on-trend. It has a more casual, playful feel than other styles. Suits and tuxedos with bold colors will be good choices for a modern look. Specific examples include a slim-fit tuxedo in a bright color or a suit with a patterned lining. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that modern looks are not timeless. Be sure you are not off trends before attending the homecoming.


Men style homecoming dress-Creative

This style is more experimental. It allows for more personal expression, which makes it the perfect choice for someone who is avant-garde. If you are a humorous and fashionable guy, you can give it a try! Creative styles tend to have more unique details and unexpected shapes. You can pair innovative suits with items like patterned socks, funky ties, or bold pocket squares.

Anyway, these are just some example styles of men’s homecoming dresses. Your personal style is about what feels most authentic to you, so don’t be afraid to be creative and try new things.

The Theme

When picking a homecoming dress based on a theme, it is crucial to consider the overall aesthetic and feel of the occasion. (If you are a homecoming planner, these theme ideas may be helpful for you: link)

garden-themed party

First and most directly, you can consider a color matched with the theme. For example, if the theme is “black and white,” a dress in a neutral color such as black, white, or grey might be a good choice. For a garden-themed event, a flowing or green lace dress fits well.

Second, attach some details related to the theme. Many homecoming dresses have themes incorporated into their details. You can look for a dress with components that match the theme of your prepared homecoming. In particular, a tropical-print shirt or a lightweight maxi dress is an intelligent choice for homecoming on a beach. Also, a necklace with your family picture will be fantastic for a family-related theme.

Finally, think about the formality. A luxurious gown may be too much for a casual homecoming, while a beach shirt is inappropriate for a formal banquet. Please think about the formality of the homecoming when picking a homecoming dress. Grabbing the tone of the occasion, you will interpret the homecoming dress code.

Your Body Shape

Besides styles and themes, you need to consider your body shape to find an ideal homecoming dress. The objective is to enhance your figure, creating a flattering appearance and imbuing a sense of self-assurance and elegance.
To learn how to dress your body type, see our latest article, “What is My Body Shape? How to Dress It“.

The Price

Price is a factor that cannot be neglected. While you may want a breathtaking unique homecoming dress for this memorable occasion, it’s essential to pick a dress that your wallet will also appreciate.

Shopping Price

First, there are other items you may want to include in your budget before shopping for the dress, such as accessories and shoes. Costs can add up, so please do not forget these small costs before you set a budget for the homecoming dress.

Secondly, it is always a good idea to consider how often you will wear this dress in the future. If you plan to wear it at other events frequently, it may be worth investing in an expensive dress. On the other hand, if you only plan to wear it once, it is better to choose more affordable clothing.

After these two steps, you are finally prepared to go shopping for the homecoming dress! One way to find a dress in your budget range is to shop around and compare prices. Alternatively, purchasing a gently worn dress fitting your body can be another great option.

Ultimately, the principal rule is to find a balance between price and quality when selecting a homecoming dress. Considering your budget and personal style, you can find a dress that fits your needs within your price range.

Final Words

Have you found the perfect homecoming dress for you? Remember to consider your personal style, body shape, and budget when choosing the homecoming dress. There are so many styles and options, so take the time to try on various dresses until you find the one for you!

We hope our suggestions above are helpful to you. Happy Homecoming!

If you want more fashion ideas and shopping tips, welcome to our website. Feel free to leave a comment if you like~ We are always here to exchange brilliant thoughts!

Have a good day

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