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How to Distress Jeans: 4 Ways with Just 3 Steps!

The trend of vintage jeans is in full swing. The frayed natural look exudes a youthful vibe. This year, you can try to distress jeans as you like! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

Figure out your designs in your mind, and let’s start making your own personalized distressed jeans in the 4 easiest ways we selected!

1. Simply Distress Jeans

This method is the easiest of the four ways we introduced in this post to distress jeans. Let’s begin with the simplest one!

• Tools

A pair of jeans, scissors, a tweezer, and sandpaper.

• Steps

Step 1: Mark the hole’s location – Determine the hole’s area you prefer and make a mark. Use scissors to cut several horizontal slits within the marked area.

How to distress jeans 3rd Way Step 1 new

Step 2: Pick out threads – Use tweezers to remove the white horizontal threads and then pick out the blue denim threads vertically. Take care not to break the threads you would like to reserve while picking.

How to distress jeans 3rd Way Step 2

Step 3: Distress jeans with sandpaper – Use sandpaper to distress the newly created hole both horizontally and vertically to give it an aged and less stiff appearance. Now you have got distressed jeans! Dab some dye onto the jeans if you want a more artistic taste!

How to distress jeans 3rd Way Step 3

2. Distress Jeans' Hem

• Tools

To get started on your DIY, you’ll need a few tools to distress jeans:

A pair of jeans, scissors, a sewing needle, and a piece of chalk (you can use a pen as an alternative).

• Steps

Step 1: Determine the location – Put on the jeans and select the desired length in front of a mirror. Roll up one pant leg to the desired length and mark it with chalk. Leave enough length for a hem.

How to distress jeans 1st Way Step 1

Step 2: Pick out the sewing thread – Cut the denim to the desired length and use a sewing needle to pick out the horizontal threads along the hem. You can customize the length of the tassels to your preference. Just make sure it’s even on all sides.

How to distress jeans 1st Way Step 2

Step 3: Try on the jeans – And there you have it! Easy and unique distressed-hem jeans! Finally, try on your new distressed jeans and see how it fits. If there are any imperfections, you can make adjustments as necessary.

How to distress jeans 1st Way Step 3

3. Irregularly Distress Jeans' Hem

The tools and steps to create irregular tassels on the hem of jeans are very similar to the steps of the first method. The only difference is that you need to hem the jeans on a slash or asymmetrical lines.

Moreover, you can do innovations like making the front hem higher than the backside, cutting a heartlike trim, or creating a wave edge.

irregularly distress jeans

4. Distress Jeans into Shorts

• Tools

A pair of jeans, scissors, a piece of chalk (you can use a pen as an alternative), and a razor (you can easily distress the hem of jeans with a razor).

• Steps

Step 1: Determine the desired length of your shorts – Draw a straight line at the point you want to cut, making it slightly higher on the outside edge than the inside edge. Trim slowly, ensuring the two sides are aligned.

How to distress jeans 2nd Way Step 1

Step 2: Distress the shorts – Cut a hole along the outside edge of the jeans leg using scissors. By examining the cut, you will see that the jeans are comprised of vertical and horizontal threads. Grasp one vertical thread using your hand or a tweezer and gently pull it out. Extract all vertical threads, exposing only the horizontal white threads. Now you get a distressed hole in your denim shorts. Repeat this step as many times as desired to create multiple holes.

How to distress jeans 2nd Way Step 2

Step 3: Distress the shorts’ hem – Drag a razor along the cut edge of the shorts to make the edge look less abrupt and more natural.

How to distress jeans 2nd Way Step 3

Step 4: Try it on – Ta-da! The final product is ready. Doesn’t it look like a brand-new item just bought from the store? You can further adjust to your liking!

How to distress jeans 2nd Way Step 4

Final Words

Have you learned these cool tricks yet? Give your old jeans a makeover and create a unique pair of jeans that’s exclusively yours! Get creative and have some fun with it!

If you want more fashion ideas, welcome to our website. Feel free to leave a comment if you like ~ We are always here to exchange brilliant thoughts!

Have a good day

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