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Woven with Love: Dazzling Handmade Jewelry Trends 2023

Hold onto your pearls, folks, because the handmade jewelry trends of 2023 are about to knock your hats off! Imagine stepping into a treasure chest, where each gem is crafted with love, doused in creativity, and sprinkled with a dash of audacity. That’s what we’re talking about. 2023 is the year when your jewelry box will literally tell tales. So, get ready, and let’s dive headfirst into this treasure trove of handmade elegance.

Feature Handmade Jewelry Trends 2023

Trend #1: Wire Crochet

In 2023, wire crochet is sweeping the jewelry world like a meticulously crafted metal tornado. Remember the crochet blanket your grandma made? Well, picture that, but instead of yarn, think delicate wires interwoven with beads, crystals, or even pearls. It’s like your jewelry decided to learn a new hobby during quarantine and came out as an absolute stunner.

The creative possibilities with wire crochet are as endless as a magician’s hat. From necklaces that feel like whispers around your neck to bracelets that sparkle like a disco ball, wire crochet has got you covered.

Artist Anne Mondro spends 1000s Of hours crocheting wire into a heart, source: Bored Panda

Check out some chic handmade brands like Lavishbytm and YoolaDesign; you’ll be hooking everyone’s attention. Get it? Hooking? 😉 Anyway, with wire crochet, your accessory game will have its own fan club.


This double-layered, gold-filled crocheted marvel blends classic elegance with a modern flair. Crafted in a rare technique, it’s tailored to your size with top-notch 14k clasps keeping things in check. Also comes in silver.


Twinkle, twinkle, big ol’ star, how I wonder how chic you are! Adorn your wrist with this adjustable, statement STAR bracelet. With a star width of 2.2″ and gold-plated goodness, it’s like a red carpet for your wrist. And the clasps? Take your pick – gold-filled or sterling silver, like choosing between diamonds and, well, more diamonds.


Made by talented Brazilian artisans, these dangle earrings are light as a breeze and packed with 18-karat gold-filled goodness. Multicolored glass beads are the confetti at this fiesta!


Shimmy through life with these Brazilian-crafted ruffled hand-crocheted earrings. These versatile darlings, perfect for Sunday brunches or moonlit sambas, are day-to-night and casual-to-fancy chameleons. Made of non-allergenic materials that won’t tarnish, they’re like the trusty BFF your ears deserve. Delivered in a lavish velvet gift bag, these babies scream ‘lifetime membership to the Glam Club.’ 

Trend #2: Sustainable Materials

As 2023 blooms, sustainability in handmade jewelry is hotter than a jalapeño on the sun. Mother Earth is giving us a high-five as recycled metals, plant-based plastics, and ethically sourced gems are stealing the limelight.

Gigi Hadid wearing Missoma necklaces
Gigi Hadid wearing Missoma necklaces, source: Shutterstock

Our beloved eco-warrior celebrities are boarding the sustainability train too. Gigi Hadid was spotted donning Missoma’s (a famous London brand using 100 percent recycled gold and silver) twisted link T-bar chain necklace. Sizzling hot! And she’s not alone – the ever-stylish Hailey Bieber is on this eco-friendly bandwagon too.

If you’re itching to adorn yourself with sustainable materials, make tracks to stores like Brilliant Earth or Ten Thousand Villages. Your jewelry won’t just look good; it’ll do good!


Meet the dainty darling that’s so elegant, it might just make your other necklaces jealous. Featuring five eco-friendly lab diamonds playing footsie on a shared prong setting, it’s like a cute lil’ conga line for your neckline. Play mix and match to create a fabulous chain stack. Choose between 16 or 18 inches – it’s as adaptable as your favorite yoga instructor!


Say hello to your new BFF – the pendant that’s like a chameleon in a field of clovers! Sporting a lab-created emerald with a cut so pear-fect it could make fruit envious. This baby’s bezel setting and open back are like a VIP lounge for light rays.

Drop the mic and crank up the jazz because chain-link short necklaces are waltzing into the room! This 2023 handmade jewelry trend is tighter than my jeans after Thanksgiving dinner. With their up-close-and-personal approach, these shorties are here to stay.

Let’s zip over to Paris Fashion Week, where chain-link short necklaces were the croissants of the jewelry world – delectable and oh-so-French. Chanel was in full wooing mode, with necklaces that could charm a wallflower into the life of the party. As for Schiaparelli and Givenchy, their chain links were draped so effortlessly that you’d think they were born on the models’ necks.

Chanel Fall 2023 Fashion Show demonstrates many short chain necklace combinations
Chanel Fall 2023 Fashion Show demonstrates many short chain necklace combinations


Channel your inner fashion alchemist by turning this classic Chanel chain belt into the chicest choker you ever did see! With gold-tone metal, woven black leather, and a logo that screams “I’ve got style for miles”, this baby is like the Swiss Army knife of accessories. Hook it up on any link and layer it around your neck for an innovative high-fashion.


Slip on this Chanel chain-link bracelet and let the alphabet soup of sparkling letter charms sing your style anthem. It’s like Scrabble had a love child with high fashion! Dipped in gold-tone metal and flaunting Chanel’s signature ‘CC’ charm, this baby is bold, fierce, and an absolute showstopper.


Time to kick your style up a notch with this magnificent choker. Made with love by Peruvian artisans, this adjustable (14-17 inches) chocker is the perfect teammate in your ‘Layering Olympics’. Representing the rich Peruvian culture, it’s not just a choker – it’s an heirloom. Say adios to bland outfits!

Trend #4: Personalization and Customization

If the handmade jewelry trends of 2023 were a buffet, personalization would be that indulgent dessert you just can’t resist. After all, who wouldn’t want their bling to scream their name across a crowded room?

Custom nameplates, engravings, and birthstones have become the VIPs of the jewelry shindig. If you’re looking to wear your artwork on your sleeve, or rather, around your neck, then you’re in good company. Celebrities like Taylor Swift have decoded their love for cryptic bling, turning jewelry into juicy tales worth deciphering.

Taylor Swift's famous J necklace
Taylor Swift’s famous “J” necklace

Wanna hop onto this trend? Swirl into Dimples and diverse handmade shops! Find your personalized charm with handmade delicacy.


Imagine Grandma’s handwritten recipe or your little Picasso’s doodles turned into an elegant pendant. Ah, the feelz! It’s as simple as snapping a picture and hitting send. Just remember, in the pixel world, quality is royalty – so don’t skimp on those image pixels!


Attention ring lovers: embrace your inner detective with these fingerprint rings from Dimples! The bling here ain’t just gold – it’s golden memories. Ditch the snooze-fest of generic rings and opt for these personalized beauties. Dimples’ jewelry experts are like the fairy godmothers of the ring world. They will contact every customer and dig out the DNA of every personal style!


Want to slip into a custom-made ring or bracelet? Consider it done! The master artisans at Dimples are basically modern-day alchemists – they’ll take your ideas and spin them into gold, silver, and sparkles. Their Principal Designer, Jeffrey Ross, will bibbidi-bobbidi-boo your dream jewelry into reality!

Styling Tips for Handmade Jewelry in 2023

Alright, you stylish unicorns, let’s jazz up your 2023 with a sprinkling of styling pixie dust! We’ve gallivanted through the enchanted forest of handmade jewelry trends. Now, let’s style that treasure trove like a boss.

First up, don’t be shy. Mix and mingle! We’re talkin’ mixing metals, textures, and styles. Layer that recycled metal bracelet with a wire crochet one. Imagine the electric sizzle when they meet. You’re not just gorgeous; you’re saving the planet!

Now let’s talk about the art of occasion-appropriate accessorizing. Picture this: you’re at a casual brunch, and your necklace is so blingy that it blinds the barista. Not ideal. Go subtle. But, when it’s date night or a night out with the squad, whip out that statement piece and make the night your red carpet.

“But what about my outfit?” We heard you! For pattern-heavy outfits, opt for understated jewelry. But if your outfit is plain Jane, let your jewelry do the cha-cha-cha and make people’s eyes dance.

Lastly, let’s talk about earrings. When you’re rockin’ geometric designs or wire crochet earrings, tie your hair up and let those beauties be the shining stars on the stage that is your gorgeous face.

Final Words

Phew! We’ve blazed through the handmade jewelry trends of 2023 like a shooting star through the night sky! With wire crochet whispering secrets, sustainable materials hugging Mother Earth, personalized pieces whispering your name, and chain link short necklaces strutting down the runway, we’re all set to dazzle.

As we embark on our 2023 style journey, remember that wearing handmade jewelry is like carrying a piece of someone’s heart with you. And that, my friends, is nothing short of magic.

If you want to learn more about fashion trends, welcome to our “Fashion Ideas” channel. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas~ We are always here to exchange brilliant thoughts!

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