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Temu Shopping Review? Low Prices & Guaranteed Quality!

When it comes to something significant that happened in the online shopping world in September 2022, it must be the launch of the Temu shopping platform in America. In its second week since launch, Temu saw an impressive 860% increase in downloads on both iOS and Google Play. On September 16th, Temu topped as the No.1 downloaded shopping app on Google Play in the United States!

So what is Temu? Why is it so popular? Is it a legit company? How does it work to achieve those surprisingly low prices? Join us to explore the exciting world of Temu and discover all the amazing deals!

Temu traffic
As of December 2022, data from Similarweb shows that TEMU's website has reached a monthly visit of 53.9 million.
Feature Temu Shopping

Logo Temu Shopping

Temu, short for “Team Up, Price Down”, is a platform allowing users to purchase goods at the lowest prices. It provides a wide range of products from international brands and sellers, including clothing, home goods, electronics, etc. In addition, the platform offers a seamless and efficient shopping experience with easy navigation, secure payment options, and fast delivery.

The company behind the Temu shopping website is Pinduoduo, one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, a company featuring low prices and a genius system of matching wholesale.

Logo Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo, founded in September 2015, is a Chinese social e-commerce platform specializing in C2M (Customer-to-Manufacturer) group buying.

In July 2016, Pinduoduo’s user base surpassed 100 million, showing an unprecedented growth rate. On July 26th, 2018, Pinduoduo officially went public on NASDAQ with an offering price of $19 per share, valuing the company at $24 billion.

In less than three years, Pinduoduo had not only gone public but also achieved a market valuation of $24 billion. That same year, Pinduoduo’s user base surpassed that of, becoming China’s second-largest online shopping platform.

Pinduoduo’s rapid growth can be attributed to its genius wholesale strategy.

Genius Wholesale System

group buyingWhen users shop on Pinduoduo, they have to adopt a group-buying format (this shopping format didn’t show on Temu yet, but we think it will come up in the future). In order to get a lower price, users must team up with their family or friends. Under this operation model, Pinduoduo accumulates more users, and customers get lower prices.

For merchants, when users place an order on the platform, the system will collect orders together and make it like a large wholesale order. Merchants or manufacturers will gain profits by achieving low prices and high sales. Pinduoduo encourages manufacturers to do business without intermediaries, lowering costs and prices.

Another advantage of Pinduoduo is cheap transportation. It cooperates with many delivery companies. For instance, the standard price for sending a parcel is 8-12 CNY in China; but for Pinduoduo merchants, it just needs 1-5 CNY. Some good merchants with high sales can even ignore the cost of transportation thanks to Pinduoduo’s allowances.

Temu Shopping Review

I was shocked by the incredibly low prices the first time I opened the app. For example, cute furry slippers that cost nearly $50 on other platforms can be found on Temu for less than $10. You can even purchase chopsticks for just $0.10 per pair with free shipping.

Comparison between Wish and Temu

After ordering a phone case and a pair of slippers, the official website told me that the delivery time would be 7-15 days because they shipped from China. However, to my surprise, the products arrived only five days after I placed my order!

The quality of the phone case exceeded my expectations; it didn’t feel cheap or poorly made.

Temu shopping phone case

These $9 slippers are great to use. They had no bad smell and didn’t shed or change shape after use.

Temu shopping furry slippers

Overall, my Temu shopping review was very positive. Despite the low prices, the quality of these products was satisfactory. I would take it as a great tool to enhance my sense of happiness in life.

How does Temu achieve extremely low prices?

Temu Shopping Pricing

Temu achieves its low prices by focusing on manufacturers in China and adopting a traffic-related bidding mechanism.

Currently, the Temu platform only accepts Chinese sellers. It requires sellers to send their products to Temu’s pricing center in China before listing. The seller’s quote for a product must be equal to or lower than the market wholesale price, and the platform’s appraisers will also compress a certain degree of the quoted price.

Besides, under the same category, the lowest-priced product will receive more traffic on the platform. Temu will show the product more frequently than others. This bidding mechanism ensures that sellers on Temu will offer the lowest prices within their acceptable ranges.

How does Temu guarantee product quality?

Temu quality protection program

According to Temu sellers, the platform has strict requirements for product quality. Specifically, items that have not sold within 14 days or have sold less than 30 will be required to be lowered in price or removed from the Temu shopping platform.

Additionally, if the product ratings fall below 4.5, or there are numerous 1-star reviews, or consumers complaint a lot about the quality of the product, the Temu shopping managers will also remove this product.

Moreover, Temu has heavy punishments for potential issues with product quality, such as missing labels, mismatched sizes, and damaged appearance. Sellers on the platform must comply with a high standard, with penalties of five times the prices for any quality issues.

Is Temu shopping legit?

Yes. It is a legal shopping website coming from China. Its parent company Pinduoduo (NASDAQ: PDD) has been listed on NASDAQ.

Recent Discounts on Temu shopping website

Temu, from its launch, has sincerely provided its customers with three great deals: free shipping, 30% discounts, and free returns.

  • 30% Discounts: The 30% discount is particularly prominent on the homepage. New users can enjoy this discount on their first three orders.
  • Free Shipping: Currently, Temu offers a free shipping service. If there is a delay in delivery, you can also get a full refund.
  • Free Returns: Temu will pay for the first return of any order. It also allows for multiple returns within 90 days for only a $7.99 shipping fee, deducted from your refund.

Final Words

In summary, if you want some cheap little accessories, we highly recommend the Temu shopping platform (official link)! This website has exceeded our expectations and quickly become one bookmark of our shopping choices. The prices are low, and the quality of the products is more than acceptable. Not to mention, the quick shipping service and free returns make the whole shopping experience a breeze.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly shopping destination, look no further than Temu! You won’t be disappointed. We cannot wait for our next purchase on Temu, and we hope you give it a try too! Happy shopping in Temu!

If you want more shopping tips, welcome to our website. Feel free to leave a comment if you like ~ We are always here to exchange brilliant thoughts!


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